“Sheep is a sheep” has been attacked by hackers

“Sheep is a sheep” has been attacked by hackers, 해시게임.

It is not clear what the specific information of the attack was, but it was no accident.


In fact, the gaming industry has always been the hardest hit by cyber-attacks.

Almost every popular game has suffered some degree of cyber attack.

In August 2021, the domestic game “Yijianxing” with a rating of 9.2 on TapTap was launched before the launch.

It has gained the attention of nearly 400,000 players and the reservation of more than 250,000 players.

Such high quality and popularity naturally attract the attention of attackers,

August 7 is the first day of the launch of “Yi Jian Xing”.

The creative team of “Yi Jian Xing” issued a statement on the temporary termination of services and refunds on this day.

The reason is that the game has been attacked by hackers since the server was launched on August 6,

resulting in the paralysis of the battle server.

“Yi Jian Xing” chose not to pay the ransom,

preferring to issue a refund and decide to be ready, and then choose to go online.

It can be seen that it is a very necessary operation to do security protection before the game is launched.

Is there a potential safety and compliance risk in “Sheep Liao A Sheep”?

In addition to being attacked by hackers all the time,

it seems that there are certain security risks in terms of security compliance and data protection.

The first question, “Sheep Liao A Sheep” has previously updated the “Privacy Policy” on the homepage,

and users can view it by clicking “Settings”.

For professional reasons, the author carefully read the specific terms.

Interestingly, on September 23, the “Privacy Policy” could not be found on the homepage of the “Sheep Liao Sheep” applet. It is unknown whether it was offline or placed elsewhere.

So, is it legal to not publish the “Privacy Policy” on the homepage?

According to the Cybersecurity Law and the Personal Information Protection Law,

When network operators collect and use personal information, they shall disclose the collection and use rules,

The purpose, method, and scope of the collection and use of information shall be clearly stated,

and the consent of the person being collected shall be obtained.

Although Mini Programs are nested in other platforms,

it is the Mini Program operators themselves that collect personal information.

Naturally, it is also necessary to comply with the requirements of the above-mentioned regulations,

Provide users with a “Privacy Policy” to inform users of the rules and purposes of information collection and use.

In addition, if the user’s personal information is used for the “Sheep Liao Ge Yang” push and advertisement recommendation for an automatic recommendation,

According to Article 24 of the Personal Information Protection Law,

It belongs to information push and commercial marketing to individuals by means of automated decision-making.

It should also provide options that are not specific to their personal characteristics or provide individuals with a convenient way to opt-out.

However, it is undeniable that there are still many small programs that fail to provide a “Privacy Policy”, but are still in operation.

The second question is, what kind of user privacy information does “Sheep Liao A Sheep” collect?

First of all, according to the current state of “sheep and sheep”,

The collected personal privacy information of users includes at least personally identifiable information,

WeChat avatar nickname information, WeChat friend information, geographic location information,

the unique address of mobile phone equipment, unified identification, etc.

Secondly, according to the “Privacy Policy” previously issued by “Yang Liao Ge Yang”, in addition to the personal information collected above,

It also clearly pointed out that there is data-sharing behavior between “Sheep and sheep” and other partners,

In order to provide users with better services, and vigorously combat the use of improper means to clear the game.

“Sheep and sheep” also has a cooperative relationship with Youmeng SDK, and will also collect users’ private information.

Finally, the “Privacy Policy” previously released by “Sheep and sheep” mentioned, “Sheep Liao A Sheep is a global game,

Therefore, user information may circulate around the world.”

This is probably also the reason why at the beginning of the article, some people questioned the reason why “shaping a sheep” leaked users abroad.

It should also be noted that according to the “Measures for Security Assessment of Data Exports”,

data processors with personal information of more than 1 million people provide personal information overseas;

The data export security assessment shall be reported to the national network information department through the local network information department at the provincial level.

With the popularity of “Sheep and sheep”, it must break through the scale of one million.

The police informed that Mo was deceived

In addition to the above-mentioned problems,

the popular “Sheep and sheep” has also caused a series of hidden dangers of fraud.

Due to the high difficulty of passing the second level of “Sheep Liao A Sheep”,

it has been difficult for countless users to pass the customs through the normal process.

Many fraudsters seized this opportunity and pretended to be customer service staff who “got a sheep”.

Use gimmicks such as “resurrection props”, “resurrection times”, “clearance cheats”


and other gimmicks to lure users who are eager to clear customs and implement online fraud.

The police reminded that users must increase their awareness of safety precautions during the game.

Don’t get carried away by the momentary excitement.

Once you find that you have been deceived, you must keep the chat records in time.

Evidence such as web pages that post fraudulent information and report it to the police immediately!

Here are a few common online scams, beware of being deceived:

1. Spend money to buy cheats for customs clearance

In this type of scam, scammers often sell “game clearance cheats” on various social platforms,

Attract users who do not know the truth to buy and complete transactions on fake game trading platforms, WeChat groups, or QQ groups.

The characteristics of this type of scam are that the amount is small and difficult to track.

The price of its “cheats” is mostly “4.9”, “6.9”, “9.9” and other small amounts.

Once the user pays the money,

he will either be blocked or lose contact or send some irrelevant information to deal with it.

After the users reacted to being deceived,

most of them would not go to the police station to report the case,

and could only admit that they were unlucky.

2. Free sharing of cheats

In this type of scam, usually, after the scammer adds friends to the victim through social platforms,

It means that there are many people asking for cheats,

and they have already stored them in a certain network disk.

Immediately sent a link asking the victim to pick it up.

Most of these links have problems, and some are links with Trojan horse viruses,

which are likely to cause computer or mobile phone poisoning after users click;

Some redirect links to scam sites that take users to other sites and platforms.

3. Prize-winning type

In this type of scam, scammers often use inductive advertisements to lure users to click on various winning links.

And a coupon of xxx yuan or xxx yuan cash reward will pop up on the claim interface,

Luring users to further share or pay cash, for example,

a small program game that was popular last year popped up with a “100 mobile phone credit coupon”.

But when the user receives the so-called “100 mobile phone bills”,

After paying 9.9 yuan or 19.9 yuan according to the website instructions, I found that the call fee could not be cashed.

Can’t get a refund either, and ended up being deceived.

Hope that “sheep has a sheep” can respond to the public’s concerns

Finally, I hope that “Sheep Liao A Sheep” can publish and improve the “Privacy Policy” on the homepage,

Respond positively to various related news on the Internet such as “Yangliaoyang leaks user privacy information”,

“Yangliaoyang steals user information”, etc.

Show to the outside world the efforts made by “Sheep Liao A Sheep” in the protection of user information,

Alleviate users’ concerns about “privacy information leakage”.

Just like the news released on September 22 by the public account of “Sheep Liao A Sheep”,

the relevant information should be disclosed in a timely manner.

As a phenomenon-level game with such a huge number of users,

the creative team should take responsibility and responsibility.

Constantly improve the protection of personal information, constantly improve the rules of the game,

Just live up to the passion and love of the players.