Contextual golf shot tips

golf shot

Today, we’re going to talk about Contextual golf shot tips in different situations

Let’s find out!

1. Teasing ground (driver)

Purpose: To send the second shot to the point where it is easy.

Drivers don’t matter if you don’t get greedy for distance. If you know your distance right away and the driver is approximately 200m to 220m, you can show off your skills.

The driver is the two most important factors in weight movement and balance, but if you do it correctly, the result of the shot does not change.

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2. Fairway (Wood, 5-8 Irons)

Purpose: To send a chip shot to a point where it can be done well.

If a wood shot, or second shot, is OB, it is like a major accident. Furthermore, Wood has a long distance and direction, so if he’s willing to go online, he’s wrong. If you hit the RBI accurately without hurting your arm, the ball will fly far away than you think. You’re already a great player if you know when to put a bunker in PAR5 from time to time!

– an iron shot

Objective: To target safe areas around green or green

Whether it’s a second shot or a par3 hole, the iron is not attached to the pin. Tour professionals also manage to par with 137 meters left. The shorter the shot is than the goaltenders who try to make a birdie if they catch the seventh iron, the more they need a swing after hitting with their right foot.

3. Trouble shot

When the ball is in a difficult position to block the course of a rough or shot in golf.

Rough: Choose a small club, place the ball in the center of the body, center of gravity on the left, and hold the club with your left hand, and make the top swing smaller.

Ascending: Put the ball to the left of the center of the stance, place the center of gravity on the right foot, and stand along the slope so that the shoulders and knees are parallel to the ground. Swing only by the rotation of the shoulder during swing

Downhill: Place the ball slightly to the left of the center of the stance, center of gravity on the right foot, stand along the slope so that the shoulders and knees are parallel to the ground, and swing only with the rotation of the shoulder.

If you’re greedy, again

The trouble shot is waiting.

4. Side Bunker

Purpose: Escape comes first.

There are more than seven kinds of sand in bunkers. If it is burdensome to target the pin from the beginning, safe escape comes first, and you can think about the rest after escaping.

The dry sand of fine material is the faster swing, and the rougher and wet sand is the softer swing.

5. Short game

– Chip shot

OBJECTIVE: Roll like a putter.

The characteristic of single golfers is that they play chip shots with various clubs. Also, he intentionally misunderstood that he caught a putter, so he has a thorough faith in the green. It is recommended that you fix your head without raising it to see the results, and roll it gently with confidence.

– Peach shot

Purpose: To fly over.

The difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot comes from the coking of the wrist. If you do it quickly, it’s a pitch shot. If you don’t, it’s a chip shot The result is whether the ball floats or not. Will it float around the green? Think about whether to roll it and then proceed with the shot.

6. Green

– OBJECTIVE: To attach to a hole cup.

If the putting pre-shot routine is correct, the ball enters the hole cup. The distance between the direction and distance is important and you don’t need to look at the ball (it bends to the right when you look at the ball). Even professionals have less than half the success rate of a 2.4m distance putt. Long putting is already far from the mind, so it is recommended to trust your instincts and put the flow of putting.