Golf Course Tour

Golf Course Tour

In the heart of the Delta, on a 125-acre cotton field adjacent to the Mississippi River, lies what many believe to be the mid-south’s most challenging golf course, Marion Golf & Athletic Club. With its lakes, canals, mounds, knolls and bunkers strategically placed throughout the course, it embodies the modern day Links-style course. Add in a good dose of gusting wind and you have a genuine “old course” feel. A legend at an early age, “The Monster” will test every area of your game.

Hole 1

Par 4

Yardage: 403

Play for the left side of the fairway for better entry into this angled green. Water behind the green comes into play if you hit long.

Hole 2

Par 5

Yardage: 486

Straight is better than long on this tee shot. The hole is not that long, so there’s no need to kill a drive here. Water on both sides comes into play along the entire length of the hole.

Hole 3

Par 4

Yardage: 440

The only danger here is water on the right, but only long ball hitters can reach it. The real challenge is at the green, which is guarded by a large bunker on the right, water at the front right and all around the back of the green.

Hole 4

Par 4

Yardage: 350

You can get really close to this green on the drive. If the pin is front or left, drive for the left side of the fairway. If the pin is back, try to keep as far right as your paranoia will let you, because the entry into the back of the green needs to come from the right side. There’s a hump in the green at left-center which feeds all balls to the right.

Hole 5

Par 3

Yardage: 210

Most of the time, this hole is into the south wind. Locals play the ball left along the water’s edge to keep from getting wet. Keep your head down, add several clubs and hit clean. Not too much extra club, as the water wraps around to the back of the green.

Hole 6

Par 5

Yardage: 500

This hole typically plays into the wind also. If so, just keep the ball low and left. The green sits at an angle, so watch your distance. If you go over the green, the fence is OB.

Hole 7

Par 3

Yardage: 202

Locals play this hole short and left, then pitch on and try to get a one-putt down. If the wind is down enough for an accurate iron shot, play it left and let the green feed it right. The green is two levels.

Hole 8

Par 4

Yardage: 474

This hole is a dogleg right. Hit a driver down the left side of the fairway. Avoid trying to hit across too much water; it is farther than it looks. The green is medium size, guarded by mounds on all sides.

Hole 9

Par 4

Yardage: 460

You’ll need two long shots to get on this green in two. Be patient on this one…if you aren’t precise, it’s easy to double bogey. If the pin is front left, watch the valley which will funnel the ball back and left to the pin. Come in center front.

Hole 10

Par 5

Yardage: 505

A short Par 5 that is easily reachable in two if you pay attention and the wind isn’t too stiff. The green sits at a slant, so the best approach is from the left side. Water guards the green on the left and behind.

Hole 11

Par 3

Yardage: 170

Play a little extra club and get it dry on this one. There’s a pitching surface behind the green (it’s bigger on the left side) so you have a chance to pitch back on and take your par.

Hole 12

Par 4

Yardage: 340

Hitting a driver here is like taking your life in your hands. Water everywhere on this short par 4 suggests hitting a middle iron or short wood 180-190 yards out to lay up at about 120 yards. Right side of green plays over water, but it’s bigger, so take your chance.

Hole 13

Par 3

Yardage: 140

The island green is in the shape of the State of Arkansas and the contours match the contours of the state – the Ozark Mountains are in the upper left corner and the delta is on the right side. Par is a very good score.

Hole 14

Par 4

Yardage: 405

Off the tee you have to carry water and watch out for OB on the right.  Guard against water on the left as you approach the green.  A well played tee shot, sets up for a makeable par.

Hole 15

Par 4

Yardage: 355

Take it dead over the center of the water on this one (212 to clear it) for a better angle into the green. Water on right won’t come into play unless you hit it too far right. Green slants toward you, so it holds pretty well.

Hole 16

Par 4

Yardage: 430

Really difficult to get tight to the pin on this hole. It plays long in the first place, and the green is extremely sloped. Hit your drive at the weigh station. This is a par hole with a double-tiered green and water left, right, and behind the hole.

Hole 17

Par 4

Yardage: 395

Easy to get on the fairway, hard to hold the green. Make sure you’re hitting for the correct fairway and hit away. Long and right has a chance to make the water, long and left is the same. The green is deep and fast.

Hole 18

Par 5

Yardage: 501

Play this as a Par 5 and you’ll be fine. Par 5 that can be reached in 2 with a good tee shot.  Water down the right side from tee to green.  Small creek surrounding the green. A great hole to have the opportunity to finish strong!