How to practice legging to increase the distance of golf

Legging practice

The smaller the backswing, the better for legging.

When the head goes to the top, he does a downswing again

It takes a process, and when you grab the club’s grip, You have to relax as much as possible and squeeze it lightly.

The more you put in, the more leggings

It becomes difficult and the distance decreases.

The more you relax, the faster you get you have to loosen up to keep your wrist caulking on top you can come down while maintaining it.

When practicing, rather than a full swing, it’s an L-shape, It’s also good to practice with a swing.

When you go to the back swing, for 1-2 seconds, after stopping, when you down swing, use your left thigh or left side

The thought that the knee leads first and the finish Think you’re doing it all at once and swing it move your upper body naturally and make sure your body feels like you’re leading the swing

golf practice

You can get it.

Also, use your right hand to play golf after you catch it, practice hitting the ball.

​If you practice with this method, the club I can feel the weight of the head and the timing you also know how it feels when you hit the ball.

If you keep practicing like this, swing It’s faster and the leggings are accurate you can also feel the impact getting better.

The club doesn’t come down by the lower body and body if you make it artificially with your wrist, during the downswing, As the space between your hands and body narrows, your body shrinks

It works and the caulking goes away early hand and club passively, lower body, Please focus on the body swing.