Learn about golf manners that can be a better golfer

No matter how good your golf skills are, if you have bad manners, it becomes uncomfortable to ride together.

In this posting, we will learn about golf manners that can be a better golfer if you keep it in various situations in the golf round.

Out of the basics, “Let’s not be late.”

If you’re a golfer, it’s a time commitment that you have to keep.

Sometimes, we meet before the tee-off time and eat.

This time may be late for understanding, but it is polite to arrive at the golf course 30 minutes before the tee-off time if possible.

Arriving early, changing into golf wear, practicing putting or warming up and preparing for the round are the basics of golf manners.

Let’s always have fun in the golf round.

When you play the round, you may fall into difficult situations and meet a score that is not as expected.

Golf is not a sport played alone, but an exercise with a companion, so always entertaining the atmosphere of the companion with a bright expression and mind would be a shortcut to becoming a good-mannered golfer.

Let’s be considerate of good shots, applause, and partners to play well.

There is a golf proverb that I have in my mind the most.

“Be considerate of others and be strict with yourself”

Please give a big round of applause and good shots to the companion’s good shots, and always be supportive.

Even if you’re in an awkward situation, follow the rules, and if you don’t know, ask your caddie and play strictly to yourself.

Manners and tips in the tea box at the Tying Ground

When you say “teasing ground,” it’s the place where you take a tee shot.

Basically, so that the golfer who takes the shot can concentrate as much as possible, “It’s better to go up alone on the teeing ground.”

I’m not good at it, but it’s uncomfortable when a golfer sees a companion. Haha

Be sure to cover the grass again for the divot.

What’s left behind a nice second shot aimed at the pin?

Buddy? Or Hazzard?

Neither of them.

It’s not an awl-like fin high birdie chance, but it’s a divot marks are left.

(With the right depth and inside out, there’s a nice divot mark. (Laughing)

You’ll see the dirt on the grass that’s far away.

A lot of golfers just passed by. Actually, when I’m busy, I just pass by. (Reflect.)

It’s a really cool golfer to pick up the dirt that falls off Finn High’s second shot, put it back on the divot, and love the grass.

It’s said that grass comes back to life if you put it back on the same place quickly!

In fact, the survival of the grass is also survival in this part, but it also has the effect of preventing unintended inconvenience as the back team luckily enters the divot.

It’s a national rule for amateurs to play without divots.