Golf ball location

Golf ball location

Best Golf ball location

When I first started playing golf,

I learn how to swing from the 7th iron

I don’t know exactly where Golf ball location

However, depending on the club, it fits your swing

You need to know the exact location

You can make a consistent swing.

On the other hand, if you have more power and confidence in golf,

I’m confident about the public contact

It is easy to neglect the position of the ball.

But to make a consistent shot,

I understand the swing

It is recommended that you locate the ball accordingly.

Today, I’m going to talk about the location of golf balls

Let’s find out how different clubs are.

Where is the ideal Golf ball location?

For a perfect swing, there is a ball position that golf instructors talk about. Iron number 7 is the standard, put it in the center of the body, and if the club number increases, the club will be shorter, so move half of the ball to the right foot. On the contrary, if the club’s number is lowered, the length of the club will be longer, so move half of the ball with your left foot.

All golfers’ swing trajectories are not the same. Therefore, the position of the ball is very different. Since the steps of the stance are different and the timing of weight movement at the time of shooting is all different, there are golfers who can hit even if they learn the same swing, and there are golfers who can hit it up. If everyone has a textbook swing, this textbook ball position makes sense, but it’s not easy to control the position of the ball in each club. Therefore, it is more important to find a position that fits you than to control the position of the vacancy.

Where are the Golf ball location in each club?

It depends on the situation of the fairway, but I recommend you to simplify the control of the ball with one ball.

– Driver Hole Position

For the driver, the position should be located inside the heel of the left foot. The height of the ball has an effect on the trajectory of the ball, and I will share it with you through a separate post.

– Iron ball position

1. Iron

The ball is located in the center of the foot and footings based on the number 7 iron. When you choose the 7th iron, you have to proceed with the address thinking that there is a ball in front of your navel, and 6 and 8 have to move half a ball back and forth, but there is no big difference even if you put the ball in the same position as the 7th iron.

2. Long iron

It is recommended that the number 4 and 5 be left as much as one ball in the ball position of the number 7 iron.

3. Short Iron / Wedge

For a full swing of PW and SW under the 9th iron, it is recommended to move one ball to the right.

– Fairway Wood / Utility Ball Position

For Wood 3 and Utilities, it is recommended that the ball is located on the right side of the driver and one ball is left side of the long iron. It is also important to create a pattern that simplifies the position of the ball, although it is good to fine-tune the ball.

– Wedge Ball Position

It is recommended to narrow the stance and move your right foot inward. In some cases, it may be placed on the middle or left foot to float the ball, but it is basically recommended to put it in front of the right big toe.

Where is the actual field clearance?

The positions of each club are not absolutely correct like the mathematical formula in the field. Depending on the condition of the day, the lowest point of the swing may vary slightly, so the proper position of the ball is different. If you’re out of the round, it’s good to check your green speed, but if you have time, try to find the lowest point of the day with an empty swing. When making an empty swing with the most basic 7 iron, check if the contact point with the grass is in front of the navel or if it is slightly tilted to the left or right, and then move the position of the ball to play more efficiently.

Contextual golf shot tips

Today, we’re going to talk about Contextual golf shot tips in different situations

Let’s find out!

1. Teasing ground (driver)

Purpose: To send the second shot to the point where it is easy.

Drivers don’t matter if you don’t get greedy for distance. If you know your distance right away and the driver is approximately 200m to 220m, you can show off your skills.

The driver is the two most important factors in weight movement and balance, but if you do it correctly, the result of the shot does not change.

​After Driver Shopping, delivery tracking service 택배요

2. Fairway (Wood, 5-8 Irons)

Purpose: To send a chip shot to a point where it can be done well.

If a wood shot, or second shot, is OB, it is like a major accident. Furthermore, Wood has a long distance and direction, so if he’s willing to go online, he’s wrong. If you hit the RBI accurately without hurting your arm, the ball will fly far away than you think. You’re already a great player if you know when to put a bunker in PAR5 from time to time!

– an iron shot

Objective: To target safe areas around green or green

Whether it’s a second shot or a par3 hole, the iron is not attached to the pin. Tour professionals also manage to par with 137 meters left. The shorter the shot is than the goaltenders who try to make a birdie if they catch the seventh iron, the more they need a swing after hitting with their right foot.

3. Trouble shot

When the ball is in a difficult position to block the course of a rough or shot in golf.

Rough: Choose a small club, place the ball in the center of the body, center of gravity on the left, and hold the club with your left hand, and make the top swing smaller.

Ascending: Put the ball to the left of the center of the stance, place the center of gravity on the right foot, and stand along the slope so that the shoulders and knees are parallel to the ground. Swing only by the rotation of the shoulder during swing

Downhill: Place the ball slightly to the left of the center of the stance, center of gravity on the right foot, stand along the slope so that the shoulders and knees are parallel to the ground, and swing only with the rotation of the shoulder.

If you’re greedy, again

The trouble shot is waiting.

4. Side Bunker

Purpose: Escape comes first.

There are more than seven kinds of sand in bunkers. If it is burdensome to target the pin from the beginning, safe escape comes first, and you can think about the rest after escaping.

The dry sand of fine material is the faster swing, and the rougher and wet sand is the softer swing.

5. Short game

– Chip shot

OBJECTIVE: Roll like a putter.

The characteristic of single golfers is that they play chip shots with various clubs. Also, he intentionally misunderstood that he caught a putter, so he has a thorough faith in the green. It is recommended that you fix your head without raising it to see the results, and roll it gently with confidence.

– Peach shot

Purpose: To fly over.

The difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot comes from the coking of the wrist. If you do it quickly, it’s a pitch shot. If you don’t, it’s a chip shot The result is whether the ball floats or not. Will it float around the green? Think about whether to roll it and then proceed with the shot.

6. Green

– OBJECTIVE: To attach to a hole cup.

If the putting pre-shot routine is correct, the ball enters the hole cup. The distance between the direction and distance is important and you don’t need to look at the ball (it bends to the right when you look at the ball). Even professionals have less than half the success rate of a 2.4m distance putt. Long putting is already far from the mind, so it is recommended to trust your instincts and put the flow of putting.


Easily Conquer Golf Terms

Today’s posting is about the awkwardness of the golf terms “Golf Rule” words

골프 용어

Let me summarize the terms for beginners!

Easily Conquer Golf Terms

[Shot, shot]

It means hitting the ball.


He put the club on the ground before hitting the ball.


the act of hitting a ball with a club


The act of hitting a ball to put it in the hole on the green.

Two on·Three on

To hit a shot twice or three times and bring the ball up the green.


To hit the back of the ball without hitting it.

Chip shot

To hit the ball from the green within 20 meters toward the hole. for short distances

Approach Shot

Hitting close to get into a hole cup on the green.


Default number of prescribed strokes in each hole

Par 3 (Par 3)

a three-shot hole

Par 4 (Par 4)

a four-shot hole

Par 5 (Par 5)

a five-shot hole

Double Par

double the prescribed number of strokes

Even Par

Regular hole (18 holes) Same as the prescribed number of strokes.

Under Par

Regular hole (18 holes) less than the prescribed number of strokes.

Over Par

The regular hole (18 holes) hit more than the prescribed number of strokes.


Indicate whether the number of strokes is over or under based on the prescribed number of strokes (Par)


Putting the ball into the hole with one less than the prescribed number of strokes.


Putting the ball into the hole with two fewer strokes than the prescribed number.


The English term for double eagle is to put the ball into the hole with three fewer strokes than the prescribed number.

View (Bogey)

Putting the ball into the hole with one more than the prescribed number of strokes.

Double Bogey

Putting the ball into the hole with two more strokes than the prescribed number.

Triple Bogey

Putting the ball into the hole with three more strokes than the prescribed number.

Hole in one

Putting the ball into the hole with a tee shot on the tee ground at once.

Other (Etc..)

Green fee

a course fee

Caddie fee

The cost to the caddie who helped the game.

Cart fee

a cart fee


The position or state in which the ball is stopped.


① How the player evaluates his skills.

② Difficulty level by hole. Use the expression “HDCP hole 1” as the most difficult place.

Pitch mark (ball mark, dibot)

a cut mark made by hitting the ball with a slanted lawn


spectators or spectators as spectators of the round

Today, I summarized the terms for novice golfers.

They’re simple words, but when it comes to playing games,

I feel that I’m using quite a few terms ^^;

If you’re familiar with it for easier and more fun play,

You’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable game!

Learn about golf manners that can be a better golfer

No matter how good your golf skills are, if you have bad manners, it becomes uncomfortable to ride together.

In this posting, we will learn about golf manners that can be a better golfer if you keep it in various situations in the golf round.

Out of the basics, “Let’s not be late.”

If you’re a golfer, it’s a time commitment that you have to keep.

Sometimes, we meet before the tee-off time and eat.

This time may be late for understanding, but it is polite to arrive at the golf course 30 minutes before the tee-off time if possible.

Arriving early, changing into golf wear, practicing putting or warming up and preparing for the round are the basics of golf manners.

Let’s always have fun in the golf round.

When you play the round, you may fall into difficult situations and meet a score that is not as expected.

Golf is not a sport played alone, but an exercise with a companion, so always entertaining the atmosphere of the companion with a bright expression and mind would be a shortcut to becoming a good-mannered golfer.

Let’s be considerate of good shots, applause, and partners to play well.

There is a golf proverb that I have in my mind the most.

“Be considerate of others and be strict with yourself”

Please give a big round of applause and good shots to the companion’s good shots, and always be supportive.

Even if you’re in an awkward situation, follow the rules, and if you don’t know, ask your caddie and play strictly to yourself.

Manners and tips in the tea box at the Tying Ground

When you say “teasing ground,” it’s the place where you take a tee shot.

Basically, so that the golfer who takes the shot can concentrate as much as possible, “It’s better to go up alone on the teeing ground.”

I’m not good at it, but it’s uncomfortable when a golfer sees a companion. Haha

Be sure to cover the grass again for the divot.

What’s left behind a nice second shot aimed at the pin?

Buddy? Or Hazzard?

Neither of them.

It’s not an awl-like fin high birdie chance, but it’s a divot marks are left.

(With the right depth and inside out, there’s a nice divot mark. (Laughing)

You’ll see the dirt on the grass that’s far away.

A lot of golfers just passed by. Actually, when I’m busy, I just pass by. (Reflect.)

It’s a really cool golfer to pick up the dirt that falls off Finn High’s second shot, put it back on the divot, and love the grass.

It’s said that grass comes back to life if you put it back on the same place quickly!

In fact, the survival of the grass is also survival in this part, but it also has the effect of preventing unintended inconvenience as the back team luckily enters the divot.

It’s a national rule for amateurs to play without divots.

The Importance of Golf Grip

It’s been a while since I learned golf, but I think the reason why I always walk in place is because of my grip.

The right start helps make good results. It’s hard to produce good results if you don’t hold the grip correctly

​How well and how good is your grip?

Especially in the case of bunker shots like this, if you hold it loosely or incorrectly, the result is not good.

You can’t always expect good results, but golf grips are important to make consistent shots and swings

And most of the beginners of slicing golf say it’s because of the grip

Let’s find out how to hold it correctly.


If you start with your left hand, the shaft can pass through the middle of the index finger of your left hand

Place the butt so that it can pass through the slightly thickest part of the bottom of the little finger.


A proper grip can support the club with one index finger, as shown on the left

Try to find the shaft in this position so that it can pass through the bottom of your left hand.


And if the shaft is standing too much like the right side, it will be hard to hold the club with one hand, right?

In order to catch the club properly, it is recommended to set up the club and look at your hands from the front.

The fact that it’s hard to hold it properly if you bend down

golf grip

No matter how urgent you are on the field, this is an important point, so take it easy.

How to practice legging to increase the distance of golf

Legging practice

The smaller the backswing, the better for legging.

When the head goes to the top, he does a downswing again

It takes a process, and when you grab the club’s grip, You have to relax as much as possible and squeeze it lightly.

The more you put in, the more leggings

It becomes difficult and the distance decreases.

The more you relax, the faster you get you have to loosen up to keep your wrist caulking on top you can come down while maintaining it.

When practicing, rather than a full swing, it’s an L-shape, It’s also good to practice with a swing.

When you go to the back swing, for 1-2 seconds, after stopping, when you down swing, use your left thigh or left side

The thought that the knee leads first and the finish Think you’re doing it all at once and swing it move your upper body naturally and make sure your body feels like you’re leading the swing

golf practice

You can get it.

Also, use your right hand to play golf after you catch it, practice hitting the ball.

​If you practice with this method, the club I can feel the weight of the head and the timing you also know how it feels when you hit the ball.

If you keep practicing like this, swing It’s faster and the leggings are accurate you can also feel the impact getting better.

The club doesn’t come down by the lower body and body if you make it artificially with your wrist, during the downswing, As the space between your hands and body narrows, your body shrinks

It works and the caulking goes away early hand and club passively, lower body, Please focus on the body swing.

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