The Importance of Golf Grip

It’s been a while since I learned golf, but I think the reason why I always walk in place is because of my grip.

The right start helps make good results. It’s hard to produce good results if you don’t hold the grip correctly

​How well and how good is your grip?

Especially in the case of bunker shots like this, if you hold it loosely or incorrectly, the result is not good.

You can’t always expect good results, but golf grips are important to make consistent shots and swings

And most of the beginners of slicing golf say it’s because of the grip

Let’s find out how to hold it correctly.


If you start with your left hand, the shaft can pass through the middle of the index finger of your left hand

Place the butt so that it can pass through the slightly thickest part of the bottom of the little finger.


A proper grip can support the club with one index finger, as shown on the left

Try to find the shaft in this position so that it can pass through the bottom of your left hand.


And if the shaft is standing too much like the right side, it will be hard to hold the club with one hand, right?

In order to catch the club properly, it is recommended to set up the club and look at your hands from the front.

The fact that it’s hard to hold it properly if you bend down

golf grip

No matter how urgent you are on the field, this is an important point, so take it easy.